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Dear User, In order to resolve the issue please let me know OS version and model of your phone. Thank you.

Dear User, in case if you do not have direct button for accessing recent apps, please try to use home button  - in order to activate recent apps you need to long tap on home button. Please do not hesitate to leave a feedback if you have more questions. Thank you.

Dear User, this might happen under low speed internet connection and may require additional "pull down to refresh" action. Does this issue reproduce regularly? Thank you.

Dear User, do you have the latest app version installed and notifications enabled both on application and device? Thank you.

Dear User, do you have the latest version of app installed on your device? Can you please share you Android version as well? Thank you.

Dear User, I need some additional information regarding this issue, which may include your personal data. Please contact me on my e-mail Thank you.

Dear User, can you please specify if your notification settings were turned on both on mobile and application? Please be aware that notifications are erased after re-installation. We will try to find out on our end. Thank you for your feedback.