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Hi Elizabeth. Can you try now? I have reset your login.

Hi. Can you please clarify what are you seeing? Would be amazing if you post a screenshot. Thank you.

Hi! I totally agree. Thats why why a preparing a fix for that very soon.

Hi ! Percentage wasn’t removed. Please try tapping on  change boxes to toggle between percentage and  number

Hi! We suggest toggling in price change box by tapping.

Hi, puregarlic! I can see you dont have the latest version. Please update to latest. We promise it will only get better and you will love the new design. Thank you.

Hi! Can you please specify the screen when this is happening? Thank you

Hi! Are you still experiencing scrolling issue after update? Fix was deployed with new version. Also please specify where exactly are you seeing excessive whitespaces. Thank you

Hello Garrett, can you please specify those tickers? thanks