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Hello! Seems like problem occurred during update. I have reset your login and you will have to login again. Thanks

Amazing! Have a nice day.

Hi. Seems like you are not using this email to login. Please send me your SA email so I can help you:

Hi Samuel, I did a reset of your login as it seemed to be broken. Please login again and it should work fine

Hi. Sorry to hear that :( I can see there was a problem with generating an updated login for you. I made a reset. Please try to login again. Should work.

Hi! What exactly happens when you try to login via Forgot password function? Thank you

Hi. I have reset your login, you will have to login again. Please get back to me if it helped. Thank you.

Hi. Can you please relogin again? Seems like problem occurred when iOS version was updated.. 

Hi. Seems like a problem occurred during app upgrade. I have deleted your login token - you will have to login again. Please try it