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Dear User, please provide me some details:

do your notifications appear in the app at all in notification tab?

do you get pop-ups on locked screen?

do you have notifications enabled on your phone?

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Dear User, do you have your notifications turned on in app and mobile device?

This is an Author content. You can find it via SA search. Just type SA News Team in the Search and Follow it. Notifications for this can be turned off/on in Notification Settings - Authors.

This may help you as Notable Earnings are coming from SA News Team. 

Please update me if it helped.

Thank you.

Dear User, can you please specify the "notable earnings"? Is it an Author or a notification type? Thank you.

Dear User,  "after-hours trading" functionality is not available on Web. 

Thank you for update.

We are working on finding a root cause. Will keep you updated.